Why Hire A Professional Dog Walker Versus The Kid Next Door?

happy sheltie

For so many of our clients their dogs are much more than just a dog.  They are their children with fur.  They are their life.  It’s very important to them to find the right professional dog walker to meet their needs.  

So why would they want to hire a professional dog walker versus just paying the kid next door  or someone who just does this ‘on the side’ for some extra cash to walk their dog?

These are just a few good reasons to hire a professional dog walker:

  • We are bonded and insured.  Is the neighbor or the kid next door?
  • All our sitters/walkers have undergone a criminal background check.  Have you vetted your neighbor this thoroughly?
  • Our sitters have all completed pet first aid training and are prepared for emergencies.  Would the kid next door know how to handle an emergency?
  • Do you know if the neighbor or kid next door have a DMV record?  We know, because we do background checks.
  • We have an emergency backup plan.  Does your neighbor?
  • We have walked hundreds of dogs and have years of experience.  We deal with different personalities and quirks daily.  Whether the dog is fearful, shy, high energy, high anxiety, a strong puller, etc.  Does the neighbor or kid next door know how to handle these different scenarios and to keep your dog out of harms way?

We do this for a living, not some extra cash.

We have been in business for sixteen years and our service is award winning.  Your pets are our priority.  We will not bail on you because we won concert tickets or found something better to do.  We will be here the next time you call!





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