Your Pet Sitter REALLY Doesn’t Want To See You Naked!

Prior to your departure we always send a confirmation email which details the dates and times we are scheduled to visit your pets.  If your plans change, it’s very important that you let us know so we can adjust the schedule.  Imagine our surprise when we arrive for our first morning visit and we enter the house to find you sitting at the kitchen table in your underwear.  Yeah, it’s not pretty.  We are usually more embarassed than you are.  

I will never forget the first time this happened to me.  I was scheduled to start a sit on Christmas Eve.  The client, an elderly gentleman who lived alone, called me Christmas Eve morning to tell me he would be late in leaving so I should start with my first visit on Christmas morning.  As scheduled, I arrived to let out the dog at 6am.  My first clue that something was different was the alarm wasn’t on.  Second clue was the dog wasn’t gated into the kitchen which is where he ALWAYS was.  I walked through the house calling for the dog when I encountered a very sleepy and startled client in all his glory.  He was wearing a one piece red union suit, complete with the trap door.  Obviously he had forgotten to call me again and tell me he wasn’t leaving as scheduled.  That image is forever scarred in my mind.  Acccckkk!

Mr Burns

I have walked in on people in their underwear, I’ve walked in on people having sex, I’ve walked in on people naked.  It’s NOT fun despite what you may think.  Some things cannot be unseen.

So please, do us a favor, if you’re not leaving as scheduled call us and let us know.  We REALLY don’t want to see you naked!

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