Will The Pet Sitter Clean Up If Your Pet Makes A Mess?

tipped over litterbox

Pets aren’t quite as bad as kids at making messes, but there are times that it happens.  Should you worry about coming home to a mess that your pet has made while you are away?

Before I started pet sitting we went away on vacation and had a friend stay at our house and take care of our cat.  We called our friend a few days before we were due home to tell him we’d be home a day earlier than expected.  When we got home the house was a MESS!  There was cat litter everywhere, dirty dishes in the sink and the trash was overflowing.

Based on that experience I decided when I started pet sitting that this would NOT happen to any of our clients!

At one recent pet sit I arrived to find the cats had somehow managed to completely tip over their litterbox and had litter scattered everywhere (photo above).  HOW they managed this, I have no idea, but I cleaned it up, changed the litter and disposed of the spilled contents.

Our goal at Purrfect Pet Sitting is to have your home look as good, or better, when you come home than when you left.

We clean up any messes we find that your pet has made.  Whether it’s fur ball/dust bunnies that they have shed, muddy paw prints they’ve tracked in or the occasional bathroom accident your pet may have.  We are professionals and it is part of our job.  Can the same be said of the ‘free’ help?

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