Why Your Pet Sitter Doesn’t Want You To Leave A Key Under The Mat

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Whenever we sign up a new client we ask if they’d like us to keep the key on file for future use or if they’d like us to leave the key on the last visit.  Most people have us keep the key on file but there are a few that want us to leave it on the last visit and that is fine.  We make it clear that if they’d like to utilize our service again and we have to come back to pick up the key we do have to charge for the time to make the pickup.

Every once in a while we have someone that wants to just leave us a key under the mat.

This is not an arrangement we approve of.  First of all, why even lock the door?  The first place a burglar is going to look is under the mat.  Secondly, what if you forget to leave the key out for us?  We have no other way to enter your home and it’s a huge hassle.

As you can guess, it recently happened.  Client forgot to put the key under the mat.

I was able to get ahold of the client and they gave me their garage door code to get into the house.  She apologized profusely for forgetting to leave the key and was glad that I called.  I was just glad she answered the phone when I called.

She advised me that the neighbor also had a key.

OK, that didn’t do “me” any good though.  If we are locked out of a house we aren’t going knocking on your neighbors doors in the hopes that someone has a key.  Thankfully when it happened, it was a midday visit but what if it had been 6am?

I’m always amazed at people who want their key back and claim it’s ‘their only spare’.  Do they not realize that we could make 50 copies during the time we have possession of it?  You can read all about how we handle and label keys here.

Please do your pet sitter a favor and don’t leave your key under the mat.  It’s for your, your pet’s and your pet sitter’s safety.


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