Why Your Pet Sitter Can’t “Pencil You In” To Their Schedule

pet sitter schedule

We love, love, LOVE clients who plan in advance.  We currently have bookings on the schedule from one client in particular (and you know who you are!) for August 2017 which was booked in August 2016!  Not everyone is that organized though.

Often times we have clients who want to check dates to confirm our availability before they commit to their plans.  Again, that is great!

We cringe when someone tells us to “pencil them in” and they’ll get back to us.

Unfortunately, we can’t do that.  If we “pencil” someone into our schedule it removes that time slot and makes it unavailable for us to schedule anything else.  If someone else with a firm booking calls, we may not be able to accommodate them and may have to turn them away because you are taking up the slot.  Then, when your plans fall through or you decide against firmly booking your dates we are left with lost revenue.

It’s rare that we turn people away, but it does happen.  It tends to happen most frequently during the holidays.

Our cancellation policy also changes during holiday periods.

I don’t want people to think they can’t cancel their reservations once they are booked or if they contact us to check dates they MUST book them.  It’s just very difficult for us to ‘hold’ a reservation for an extended period of time.

So please; plan in advance, confirm your pet sitters availability before you commit to your plans and don’t repeatedly ask your pet sitter to ‘pencil you in’.

Your pet sitter will thank you!




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