Why Does My Pet Sitter Need A Key?

There’s nothing like meeting with a client and when we get to the part about whether they have a key for us we’re met with the deer in headlights blank stare.  Often times people say they don’t have a spare or they don’t even know where the key is because they never lock it (we’ll cover that in another blog post).  Many times clients want to provide us with their garage door opener or code to the keypad as our sole means of entry.  We’re happy to enter/exit through whichever door you prefer and if it’s the garage; that’s fine with us, however, we still require a key.

Why do we still need a key?

Well, the power has been known to go out occasionally.  Garage door openers break.  Batteries die.  Trust me, if it can happen, it will happen to us and/or already has.

If we don’t have a key and one of the above scenarios happens we would:

  • Call your emergency contact and hope they’d take pity on us and drive over and let us in.
  • Call a locksmith and wait for them to arrive and let us in.
  • Leave and come back at a later time in hopes that the power came back on.

All of the above options would also mean an unexpected invoice for the extra time or services involved not to mention the delay in your pets care.  There’s nothing worse than having a dog on the other side of that door desperate to get out and not being able to get to them!

These scenarios are all avoidable by providing your pet sitter with a key.  It insures our schedule runs smoothly and is just one more detail that will give you peace of mind knowing your pet sitter can get in to care for your fur babies.

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