Why Can’t I Have My Pet Sitter’s Cell Phone Number?

boston terrier with phone in his mouth

You’re going away and you want to receive updates from your pet sitter.  That is understandable.  Our goal is to make your vacation or time away as stress free as possible.  So why won’t we give you your pet sitter’s cell phone number so you can speak with them directly?

There are several reasons.

First, our pet sitter’s cell phones are their personal phones.

Legally, we cannot give out our employee’s personal information.

Second, there have been times in the past when a client did have a sitter’s private cell phone number.  They then started texting the sitter in the middle of the night wanting updates or to extend their visits because they’ve been delayed.  That isn’t just frustrating for the pet sitter, it’s potentially a problem because they may be on vacation themselves and may not receive the message so your request may be missed.

To avoid any mistakes, ALL correspondence must go through the main office and our listed phone number.

Third, everyone is entitled to some down time.  If the employee is done with their shift, they may shut their phone off and not receive your text.

For those of you reading this, we’re sure YOU wouldn’t abuse this privilege if you did have your sitter’s cell phone number, but for those that have abused it we had to establish a policy to address this.

If you would like text updates our policy is the sitter texts an update or photo to the office and then that is forwarded on to you.






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