What Is The Average Cost Of Pet Sitting Or Dog Walking In The Capital District 2016?

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For the past few years I’ve been comparing rates of pet sitting and dog walking services in the Capital Region to determine the average cost.  

Rates can vary greatly between service providers who provide essentially the same exact service.

There are a lot of reasons for the variations; some pet sitters work ‘under the table’ and don’t claim their income, some are uninsured, some just don’t charge what they’re worth.

I recently compared the 2016 rates of professional (as in insured, bonded, legitimate businesses) pet sitters in the Capital District.  I reviewed the websites of thirty six different businesses; Purrfect Pet Sitting included.  Businesses were all in Rensselaer, Saratoga, Albany, Schenectady or Columbia counties.

What did I find?

For vacation care the average rate for a 20-30 minute visit is $19.05 (up from 2015’s $18.86).

For vacation care the average rate for a one hour visit is $32.09 (up from 2015’s $31.90).

For midday dog walking the average rate for a 20-30 minute visit is $18.27 (up from 2015’s $18.06).

Rates varied greatly between service providers (as I expected) with the least expensive pet sitter coming in at $15 per 20-30 minute visit and the highest coming in at $25 per visit for both vacation pet sitting and midday dog walking.

Given the vast difference in prices, how exactly should you choose the best pet sitter?

Ask your friends and neighbors or check with your veterinarian.  Do an online search and check for reviews on places like Yelp! or Angie’s List.  Discuss your needs with the potential pet sitters until you find one you’re comfortable with.

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