The One Door Your Pet Sitter Doesn’t Want You To Lock!

the one door your pet sitter doesn't want you to lock


Did you ever think you’d hear a pet sitter ask you to specifically NOT lock a door?  We are quite particular about keeping your house secure.  If we have a key to it, we prefer to lock it.  I’m also surprised by the number of people who have a knob lock along with a deadbolt and they tell us they only use one or the other.  But if both use the same key why not use them both?

Anyway, I digress.

When we first meet with a client we request two copies of the house key.  One stays with the primary pet sitter and the other stays in the office in case of emergency.  We always test these keys for ourselves to make sure they work for us.  Again, I’ve had it happen where the client insisted the key was fine; they tested it themselves only to find out whoops, sorry that’s not the right key.

But every once in a while we find ourselves locked out of a client’s house.

Now that the weather has gotten nicer a lot of people leave their front door open while they are home and lock their storm door.  When they leave for the day or for vacation they may exit through the garage instead of that door and forget that the storm door is still locked.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t even know where the key is for my storm door so when we receive keys from clients it almost never includes the storm door key.  It’s almost always just the front door key.

If the storm door is locked; we are locked out.

Thankfully is hasn’t happened often, but when it does it’s pretty nerve wracking trying to find another way into someone’s home.  This is another reason we also ask if anyone else has keys to your house and we request an emergency contact if we can’t get ahold of you.

Tell me, do YOU know where the key is for your storm door?





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