No Request Is Too Strange

Image3Pet sitting is a very personal service. We are in your home, your sanctuary, your castle.  Because this is such a personalized service we get a lot of requests that other service providers would think were rather strange. Here are a small sampling of some of what we’ve heard over the years:

  • Client requested that we take wet food out of can, place on dish and mold it into the shape of a cone so the dog would eat it
  • Client requested we spoon feed one dog but don’t let the other dog see you or she’ll refuse to eat and want to be spoon fed too
  • Client advised me to pill their cat only after she had been seated in a child’s high chair
  • Client requested we make a special breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast, with real butter for their dog
  • Client requested we go around their home each day and flush all the toilets in case the cats drink out of the toilets their water will be fresh
  • Client’s native language is Spanish and asked that we speak to the dog in Spanish. For the record, the dog is bilingual.
  • Client requested we wipe dog’s bottom with baby wipes after they poop
  • Client requested we don’t pour unused water from pet dishes down the drain, instead use the water to water the plants
  • Client requested we take their SUV for a ride around the neighborhood to keep the battery charged
  • Client requested we package and overnight mail a child’s plastic saber sword to them on vacation because they forgot it at home
  • Client advised me to take a bagel with me on a dog walk with a St. Bernard because when she decided she was done walking she’d lay down in the middle of the street and refuse to budge. Bagels were her favorite treat and I’d have to break off a piece, toss it, she’d go get it and lay back down. We did this all the way home.  It was like a scene from Hansel & Gretel
  • Client requested we measure their foyer to see if an area rug they fell in love with in Istanbul, Turkey would fit if they purchased it and shipped it home.

As you can see, special requests are pretty normal for us.  Don’t be afraid to ask your pet sitter or dog walker to do something for you.  If it’s meaningful to you, we’ll do whatever we can to make it happen.

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