Dog Walking Versus Doggie Day Care

Many dog owners are faced with the decision of what they should do with their dog while they are at work.  If they can’t get home at lunchtime to let the dog out themself they may consider hiring a professional pet sitter to provide dog walking services or they could bring their dog to a doggie day care.  Both are excellent options and each have their own benefits.

What is Dog Walking?

Dog Walking is when you hire a professional pet sitter or dog walker to come to you home during the day to either take your dog for a walk on a leash or to take them out in your fenced yard for some play time and to burn off some energy.  If you have more than one dog they can be walked together but we do not do ‘pack walks’ like the services you see in many big cities.  Your pets receive one on one, quality time with their pet sitter.  It is perfect for puppies who need help with potty training, dogs who don’t particularly get along with other dogs, older dogs who have difficulty holding it for a long period of time and for dogs who just want to stay home!

Benefits of Dog Walking

  • Your dog remains in the comfort of their own home and maintains their own routine.  They get to pee on their favorite spots and sleep in their favorite bed!
  • Your dog receives one on one, personalized attention which also enables your pet sitter to alert you if they notice any subtle changes in your pets behavior.
  • Your dog has less chance of contracting kennel cough or other communicable diseases.
  • Your dog has less chance of injury since they won’t be rough housing with other dogs throughout the day.
  • You don’t have to worry about pick up or drop off times since your dog walker comes right to your home.
  • Your pet sitter will help reinforce any training you are working on.

What is Doggie Day Care?

Doggie Day Care is when you drop your dog off at a facility for the day.  Many dogs interact together in large indoor and/or outdoor facilities.  Your dog must get along with other dogs to consider this option.  Your dog must also be up to date on vaccinations and be tested for parasites.  Be sure to inquire about the number of dogs allowed and the number of staff monitoring them.  How are dogs separated if needed?

Benefits of Doggie Day Care

  • Helps with socialization.
  • Good for dogs who have separation anxiety or dogs that get destructive when left alone.
  • Good for super high energy dogs.

Purrfect Pet Sitting provides dog walking services in addition to pet sitting when you are on vacation.  We’d be happy to discuss your pet care needs with you!

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