Does Your Pet Sitter Charge Extra To Administer Medications?

photo of pet medications

When I first started this business I charged different rates based on the number of pets that were in the household.  That was until people started hiding pets claiming they didn’t need any attention; they’d be fine.  Um, no.  They won’t.  (Yes, this DID happen).  So, I changed the pricing schedule and we now charge by time regardless of the number of pets in the household.  The only time that fee may change is if we can’t get everything done within the 20-30 minute visit.  If it takes more time, we charge accordingly.

One thing we have never done is charged extra to give your pets medication.

I can understand why some pet sitters charge more.  It can be stressful trying to pill a cat, especially one that doesn’t want to be pilled.  I’ve seen some pet sitters who charge per injection or even per pill.  What happens if the medication your pet is on isn’t required by the veterinarian?  Are you going to be charged for giving your dog his salmon oil capsule or vitamins?  Where do they draw the line?

I’ve also seen some crazy things like pet sitters that charge extra to bring in your mail or water plants!  Talk about being ‘nickel and dimed’.

You can rest assured that if we can do it in our allowed time, we don’t charge extra.

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