5 Reasons Purrfect Pet Sitting Wouldn’t Take You As A Client

Some some people find it hard to believe we don’t take every single client that wants to use our services given todays economy.  It’s the truth though.  Not every person who calls is our ‘ideal’ client.  Here are five reasons we would turn down a prospective client:

  1. Aggressive Pets – If your dog is frequently referred to as “Cujo” by the neighbors we more than likely won’t want to take care of him.  I’m often asked if I’ve ever been attacked.  I have not (at least not while pet sitting) but two of our staff have been bitten.  I have, however, been attacked by some cats while pet sitting.
  2. Out Of Our Service Area – We are based out of East Greenbush.  If you live in Altamont, we aren’t going to be able to help you.  We service East Greenbush, North Greenbush, Wynantskill, West Sand Lake, Averill Park, Rensselaer, East Schodack and some of Troy.  We keep our service area small and manageable.
  3. Requested Number of Visits Is Less Than Our Policy – We require dogs be seen twice a day; unless they are crated then we require three visits per day.  Cats are required to be seen once a day.  If you’re looking for fewer visits than that, we are not the pet sitter for you.  See our blog post on “15 Reasons We Won’t Do Every Other Day Cat Sitting“.
  4. Job Sharing – If you have the neighborhood kid coming to take care of the pets and want us to cover a visit here or there, we will not accept the job.  We will consider job sharing with an adult, but not a child.  See our blog post on “Why We Want To Be Your Pets Sole Caretaker“.
  5. Pets Not Cared For Properly – Every once in a while we come across a situation where the way a pet is cared for is not up to our standard; such as a dog who is locked in the garage in the middle of winter when they are used to being inside (and the person refuses to give us access to the house), or a dog that is left on a tie out all day.  We end up feeling so bad for the pet that we just don’t enjoy the job and worry all the time.

Are you our ideal client and want to schedule services?  Contact us here!

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