Bob And The Case Of The Mysterious Balding Ears

Sounds like the title of a Scooby Doo mystery, no?

For the past two years I’ve had to take Bob to the vet in February because his ears have gone bald and seems to drive him nuts because it itches so bad.  It has been a mystery as to what the cause is and the only thing that seems to help is a cortisone shot.

Well, it’s February and wouldn’t you know it; just like clockwork Bob’s ears are starting to go bald again and I see him scratching them a lot.  Seriously?  Three years in a row?!  What is going on?


We have ruled out mites and fleas.  I have not changed their food so it’s not an allergic reaction.  I realize it’s the middle of winter and even my skin is feeling rather dry and tight lately so I’m wondering if that might be the cause of Bob’s mystery issue.  We have a woodstove in our home (which the cats WORSHIP) which adds to the dry air.

cat with balding ears

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this?  Any ideas what might cause this?  I’m all ears!



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