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Dog Friendly Restaurants Near Albany, NY

Dog friendly restaurants near Albany NY

Summer is almost here and pretty soon we’ll be able to spend more time outside doing the things we love.  Many people like to bring their dogs with them when they are out and about.  We’ve done the research for you on restaurants in the Capital District area that allow your canine friends to join you for a meal. Continue reading

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How To Save Time Going Through Security At Albany International Airport

plane with door open

My husband and I love to travel.  Since we both own our own businesses though we both need to bring our laptops with us and hate having to unpack everything to get through security.  Security at the Albany International Airport usually goes rather smoothly but if you’re there at a peak time it can potentially take a really long time.   Continue reading

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The One Door Your Pet Sitter Doesn’t Want You To Lock!

the one door your pet sitter doesn't want you to lock


Did you ever think you’d hear a pet sitter ask you to specifically NOT lock a door?  We are quite particular about keeping your house secure.  If we have a key to it, we prefer to lock it.  I’m also surprised by the number of people who have a knob lock along with a deadbolt and they tell us they only use one or the other.  But if both use the same key why not use them both? Continue reading

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How Does A Pet Sitter Take A Vacation?

Sunset Key

We just returned from a week in Key West.  We were fortunate enough to go there last year as well.  It’s one of our favorite places.  This was my fifth time going.  We will only stay at Key West Bed and Breakfast and can’t recommend it highly enough if you’re ever interested in visiting Key West.  Continue reading

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Preparing For Your Pet Sitter

pet sitter instructions

Hubby and I recently went to Vermont for a couple of days to celebrate our Anniversary.  Having three cats; two which require medications, two dogs; one which requires medication and eleven chickens; four which are separated from the rest of the flock because they are teenagers, preparing to go away is quite a lot of work.  I found out first hand how much is involved in preparing for the pet sitter to cover while we were away. Continue reading

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Websites To Help You Plan Your Vacation

It’s hard to believe that summer is halfway over already!  NO!  Say it ain’t so!  Have you planned your vacation yet?  I have put together a list of websites that can assist you in arranging your escape!  Don’t forget to use our online scheduling to reserve your pet sitting dates!

Continue reading

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