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I Hate When I’m Right

white cat

As professional pet sitters we tend to ‘tune in’ to a pet more than the average person would.

Recently I visited two cats that I’ve been pet sitting for since they were kittens.  I know their routine and their personalities so I knew something was off when one of the cats was desperate for water from the faucet  This was not a behavior he had ever exhibited to me before; not even the month before when I had seen him last. Continue reading

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How Many Times Per Day Should The Pet Sitter Visit Your Pets?

squinting orange catYou’re going away on vacation and you would prefer your pets remain in the comfort of their own home.  Great!  We happen to know of some awesome pet sitters to help you!  Now the question is how many visits per day does your pet need?  Well, there are a few factors that go into effect when making this decision. Continue reading

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