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Dog Walking & Pet Sitting In Frigid Weather

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”

The above is creed of the United States Postal Service but it may as well be for pet sitters and dog walkers as well.  We have a job to do and no matter what the weather, we will be there.  We have living, breathing creatures depending on us! Continue reading

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Why Your Pet Sitter Wants You To Keep Your Cats Indoors

Stanley small

We often have people ask us how we handle it if their indoor/outdoor cat won’t come back inside when we come for our next visit.  Well, simply put, there’s not really much we can do.  Most cats, if they don’t want to come in, won’t allow us to pick them up and carry them in and they only fall for the treat trick once or twice.  We always strongly suggest that indoor/outdoor cats be left inside the entire time the client is gone.  In most instances this works like a charm but there are exceptions to every rule.  Some cats just go bonkers not being allowed outside.  In those instances we request that the owner sign a release of liability waiver and we keep our fingers and toes crossed that nothing happens. Continue reading

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Why We Send Confirmations Of Your Pet Sitting Dates

bluewave pet sitting confirmation email

When you schedule pet sitting or dog walking services with Purrfect Pet Sitting we send out an automated email through our online scheduling system which includes the dates, the time of day (morning, midday, evening, overnight), the price per visit and the grand total including sales tax.  We invested in this scheduling system to make our lives easier and because, unlike the old pen and paper method, it makes mistakes MUCH less likely to occur. Continue reading

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Please Have Your Driveway Plowed For Your Pet Sitter

Unplowed driveway

This is the result of two snow storms in the same week in 2003 that dumped two feet of snow with each storm.   This is also the result of a client who, despite many pleas, refused to have their driveway plowed so their pet sitter could easily get in to care for their pets.  You may not be able to easily tell from the photo, but the berm at the end of the driveway created by the snowplow was well over four feet high! Continue reading

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6 Reasons We May Fire You As A Pet Sitting Client

People always seem shocked when I tell them I had to ‘fire’ a client.  Who turns business away?  They don’t seem to understand that providing a service is a two way street and we do occasionally have to tell people we will no longer provide service to them.  We hate to do it, but sometimes there is just no other way around it.  We provide a premium service and want only the very best for your pets and expect that you do too. Continue reading

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Hidden Benefit Of The Pet Sitter Keeping Your Key On File

If you’ve been following this blog for anything length of time you’ve noticed a lot of posts about keys.  We’ve covered why your pet sitter needs a key, why we insist that you lock your doors and what happens to your key when we keep it on file.  These posts don’t cover a hidden benefit for you though.  What happens when you get locked out of your house and no one has a spare key or you can’t get ahold of the person with your spare?  You call the pet sitter! Continue reading

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Why Your Pet Sitter Needs The Code To Your House Alarm

alarm keypadI’m honestly surprised by the number of clients we sign up that tell us they won’t use the alarm system while we are pet sitting and therefore won’t give us the alarm code.  Isn’t that why you have an alarm?  To protect your home when you’re not there?  In any event, I’d like to share a story with you which explains exactly why we still would like the code to the alarm even if you decide you’re not going to arm it while you’re gone. Continue reading

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Does Your Pet Sitter Have An Emergency Back Up Plan?

In Case Of EmergencyPet sitting is a huge responsibility and one that we do not take lightly.  We are responsible for two things that are the nearest and dearest to you; your pets and your home.  It’s important to ask a potential pet sitter if they have a back up plan?  What would happen if (heaven forbid) they got into a car accident or caught the flu and couldn’t make it to your home?  If the service you are thinking of hiring is a hobby sitter they may be less likely to have a seamless plan in place. Continue reading

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Why Your Pet Sitter Insists You Lock Your Doors

door knobIt may come as a surprise to some of you, it does to us, but some people still don’t lock their doors.  We’ve met with clients who claim they don’t even know where the key IS to their doors since they never lock it. Continue reading

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5 Reasons Purrfect Pet Sitting Wouldn’t Take You As A Client

Some some people find it hard to believe we don’t take every single client that wants to use our services given todays economy.  It’s the truth though.  Not every person who calls is our ‘ideal’ client.  Here are five reasons we would turn down a prospective client:

Continue reading

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