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Why Can’t I Have My Pet Sitter’s Cell Phone Number?

boston terrier with phone in his mouth

You’re going away and you want to receive updates from your pet sitter.  That is understandable.  Our goal is to make your vacation or time away as stress free as possible.  So why won’t we give you your pet sitter’s cell phone number so you can speak with them directly? Continue reading

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The #1 Sure Fire Way NOT To Get A Job With Purrfect Pet Sitting

Frustrated woman on phone

I’ve heard people compare hiring employees to dating.  On the first date (interview) they are on their best behavior and say everything you want to hear.  Over the years I’ve learned how to read between the lines and am usually pretty good at judging whether someone would be a good fit for our team or not.

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This Is Why Your Pet Sitter Keeps Their Service Area Small

Snowmageddon 2017

We survived Snomageddon 2017.  We ended up getting two feet at our house in East Greenbush.  The roads were really bad and getting to pet sits was a real challenge for us. Continue reading

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What Is Your Dog Walker/Pet Sitter’s Bad Weather Policy?

Bernese Mountain Dog in Snow

Here we go again!  Snowmageddon 2017 is scheduled to start tomorrow morning.  As you can imagine, the snow can greatly impact our schedules.  So what exactly is our bad weather policy? Continue reading

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Allowing A Third Party Access To Your House Is Dangerous To The Pet Sitter

We're pet sitters, not police

In previous blog posts we’ve discussed why we usually won’t ‘job share’ with a third party.  But what if you just want someone else to have access to your home and they won’t be taking any responsibility for your pets?  Well, to us, that is not safe either. Continue reading

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Psst……Want To Make $20 For Your Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Referrals?

dog sitting in money

We have found over the years that word of mouth is our biggest source of new clients.  Traditional advertising doesn’t work very well when it comes to pet sitting.  People look for a pet sitter when they need a pet sitter, not when they see an advertisement for a pet sitter. Continue reading

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Why Your Pet Sitter Doesn’t Want To “Job Share”

tiger cat in box

In a previous blog we discussed Why We Want To Be Your Pets Sole Caretaker but this past week we received a request for a job share and we were berated when we turned the potential client down.

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How Long Does The Pet Sitter/Dog Walker Stay?

dog next to clock

By far, one of the most frequently asked questions we receive is how long does the pet sitter/dog walker stay?  We offer two options for visits.

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This Is A Test. This Is Only A Test. (We Think)

money left on counter

We completely get that handing your keys over to a complete stranger to care for your home and pets in your absence can be hard.  We always tell people to check our references, check our online reviews.  We are legit.

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Why Does My Pet Sitter Require Two Copies Of My Keys?

pet sitter keys

In the past couple of years we have instituted a new policy of requiring TWO working keys when we sign up a new client.  This has been met with some resistance from people.   Continue reading

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