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Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Jobs Available In The Capital District

help wanted pet sitting

Pet sitting can be an awesome job!  Read all about it here.  In my most recent quest for finding employees I noticed something.  Not only was Purrfect Pet Sitting looking for employees but so are several other services throughout the Capital District. Continue reading

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How I Got Our Kitten To Stop Peeing Around The House

baby orange polydactyl kitten

If you’re new to this blog this is Bob.  You can read all about how Bob came into our life here.

Bob was about six months old when, on the day I was scheduled to take him to the vet for his appointment to be neutered, I discovered that he had been peeing all over our house and not in the litterbox.  He had peeing in our closets and wherever he could. I hoped that perhaps the neutering would cure the issue but it did not.  I followed up with our vet to make sure there was nothing physically wrong.  There wasn’t.  Continue reading

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What If You Need Same Day Pet Sitting Services?

bulldog with his paw up

Most of our clients book very far in advance as they schedule their pet sitting services when they schedule their vacations however what would happen if you had an emergency?  Would your pet sitter be available on a moment’s notice?  You know, when life happens and you get an emergency phone call?  Continue reading

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How Does Your Pet Sitter Handle Daylight Savings Time?

bulldog with toy in his mouth

Being professional pet sitters means that we tend to notice things that your average ‘free’ help may not.  What happens to our visits when we switch the clocks for daylight savings time?  I bet it’s something you’ve never even thought of, have you? Continue reading

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Will You Meet The Person Doing The Pet Sitting Visits?

hound puppy

One question that I’m asked consistently is whether the client will be able to meet the person who will be performing the pet sitting (or dog walking) visits.  Continue reading

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Pet Sitter Foils Party!

bulldogs with party hats

I can’t tell you how many times over the years we’ve encountered the young adult children of our pet sitting clients attempting to “pull one over” while mom and dad are away.  They think that because mom and dad are away they can get away with anything; including having a party. Continue reading

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What Happens If Your Pet Sitter Has An Emergency?

car stuck in snow

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”

The above is creed of the United States Postal Service but it may as well be for pet sitters and dog walkers as well.  We have a job to do and no matter what the weather, we will be there.  We have living, breathing creatures depending on us! Continue reading

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Will Your Pet Sitter/Dog Walker Do Convalescent Or Hospice Care?


I recently receive a call from someone whose dog was having herniated back surgery (notice the Frankenstein like scar on his back).  They were looking for someone to come in midday while they were at work to help get the dog outside to relieve himself.  She asked if this was something we could help them with and actually seemed surprised when I said absolutely, we’ll come and meet with you to see what the setup is before we commit. Continue reading

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How Does A Pet Sitter Take A Vacation?

Sunset Key

We just returned from a week in Key West.  We were fortunate enough to go there last year as well.  It’s one of our favorite places.  This was my fifth time going.  We will only stay at Key West Bed and Breakfast and can’t recommend it highly enough if you’re ever interested in visiting Key West.  Continue reading

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What Happens If The Pet Sitter Gets Locked Out Of My House?

keyless entry

During the initial consultation we always request a key and we test it to make sure it works for us before we leave.  We’ve learned the hard way that people sometimes give us the wrong key, new keys don’t work, etc. Continue reading

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