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Your Pet Sitter’s Pets: Bob; 9 Months Post Leg Amputation

cat with one front leg

2017 was a rough year for our cat Bob.  He had his leg amputated in March due to soft tissue sarcoma.  I never imagined we’d have to go through this with one of our pets, but we did.  It’s been a long road to recovery.  So how is Bob doing now?

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Purrfect Pet Sitting Turns 17!

Purrfect Pet Sitting Birthday Meme

August 4, 2017 marks a huge milestone!  Purrfect Pet Sitting is celebrating 17 years in business!  We were the first professional pet sitting and dog walking service in Rensselaer County.  It’s quite an accomplishment to have a business last this long and have such a stellar reputation in the community, let alone a pet sitting business. Continue reading

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Your Pet Sitter’s Pets: My Cat Had His Leg Amputated!

cat with right front leg amputated

If you’ve been following Purrfect Pet Sitting for any length of time you no doubt are familiar with our cat named Bob.  Continue reading

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Pet Sitter Product Review: WeatherTech Floor Mats

weathertech floor mat


Pet Sitters spend a lot more time in their vehicles than the average person.  When we are busy, we almost live out of our vehicles.  Imagine spending your day getting in and out of your vehicle every 20-30 minutes.  During peak times we have been known to eat our meals in our cars which tends to make things very messy. Continue reading

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How I Got Our Kitten To Stop Peeing Around The House

baby orange polydactyl kitten

If you’re new to this blog this is Bob.  You can read all about how Bob came into our life here.

Bob was about six months old when, on the day I was scheduled to take him to the vet for his appointment to be neutered, I discovered that he had been peeing all over our house and not in the litterbox.  He had peeing in our closets and wherever he could. I hoped that perhaps the neutering would cure the issue but it did not.  I followed up with our vet to make sure there was nothing physically wrong.  There wasn’t.  Continue reading

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How Does A Pet Sitter Take A Vacation?

Sunset Key

We just returned from a week in Key West.  We were fortunate enough to go there last year as well.  It’s one of our favorite places.  This was my fifth time going.  We will only stay at Key West Bed and Breakfast and can’t recommend it highly enough if you’re ever interested in visiting Key West.  Continue reading

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Your Pet Sitter’s Pets: Cat Enclosures

cat enclosure

In a perfect world we’d be able to let our pets outside without having to worry about them coming back.  Between predators, cars, etc. it just isn’t practical to let your cats out unattended (or any pet for that matter).  It’s just too dangerous.  My cats did fine as indoor only cats, but I knew they really would be happier if they had access to the outdoors.  Continue reading

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People Who Dump Their Unwanted Pets SUCK!

When I first started pet sitting I read everything I could on the topic which, at the time, wasn’t very much.  One golden rule that has forever stuck with me was to use a Post Office Box for the business mailing address.  Why?  Because it will reduce the number of unwanted pets dumped on my doorstep.  I did as I read and until yesterday I’ve been pretty lucky.  Sure, I’ve had stray cats that I’ve found homes for but never a deliberate ‘dump’.  What happened yesterday? Continue reading

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