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Poop Scooping Services In The Albany, NY Area

two bulldogs

If you own a dog you know cleaning up after them is a necessity.  It’s not fun, it’s not pretty but it’s necessary; unless you live on considerable acreage where your dogs can go and there won’t be any chance of yourself or your kids stepping in it – or the dogs eating it (yeah, that’s gross). Continue reading

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How You Can Help Mohawk Hudson Humane Society With Their Recent Cat Hoarding Case

Cat hoarding

(photo credit – Times Union)

I’m sure you all saw the story about the cat hoarders in Schaghticoke, NY on the news and in the papers recently.  This is not the first time they have been called to this residence and it is estimated that, in all, they’ve taken 450 cats from this home.  Can you even IMAGINE?!?!?! Continue reading

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What Can You Legally Do In New York State If You See A Dog Locked In A Hot Vehicle?

dog car temp chart

Summer is here and the temperature continues to rise.  Many people don’t think twice about leaving their dog in a hot car while they ‘just run into the store’.  If you and your dog work outside all day your dog may be accustomed to that.  What people don’t realize is that even though they think it’s just a quick trip they could potentially be putting their dogs life in danger.  If the temperature is 75 degrees outside it takes as short as ten minutes, even with the windows open, for the internal temperature of the vehicle to reach 100 degrees.  It can only take minutes for your dog to have heat stroke which could result in death.  Unless your dog is accustomed to the heat, it would be best to leave them home. Continue reading

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Low Cost Spay & Neuter Around Albany, NY

I’ve rescued several strays throughout my lifetime that cost a pretty penny to get them spayed or neutered and vaccinated in order to adopt them out.  I want to share with you a list of local groups that offer low cost spay and neuter programs.  Many of them also offer vaccinations at a considerable savings. Continue reading

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