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5 Of The Weirdest Search Terms Used To Find Our Website in 2014

bulldogs with party hats

Most businesses that blog take note of the most frequently used search terms used to find their website so they can include more of those words or phrases in future blogs to increase website traffic.  The most common search terms used to find Purrfect Pet Sitting are usually pet sitting, dog walking, pet sitter, etc.  Continue reading

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Top 5 Most Popular Dog And Cat Names

black and white cat

We’ve heard some pretty interesting and funny pet names over the years.  From Boy and Girl for two cats to Delicious for a pig.

I know personally when I name a pet the name has to ‘come’ to me.  I can’t pre-name a pet before I get to know it.  It has to fit the pet and their personality.  If you’ve been following this blog for any amount of time you know of our cat, Bob and the story on how we got him.  It took us SIX WEEKS to come up with that name; Bob.  Bob Cat. Continue reading

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Poop Scooping Services In The Albany, NY Area

two bulldogs

If you own a dog you know cleaning up after them is a necessity.  It’s not fun, it’s not pretty but it’s necessary; unless you live on considerable acreage where your dogs can go and there won’t be any chance of yourself or your kids stepping in it – or the dogs eating it (yeah, that’s gross). Continue reading

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What Do You Mean You Don’t Cover (Insert Your City Here)?

territory map

In order to provide the best quality service and not be in our cars more than absolutely necessary pet sitters need to establish geographic boundaries to their service area.  My goal is to keep my staff within a five mile radius of their homes.  I’ve gotten a few calls recently however that just didn’t agree with that.  Continue reading

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Are Pet Sitting And Dog Walking Rates Negotiable?

8 week old red vizsla puppy

I recently received an inquiry from someone who wanted help with her puppy.  She was looking for midday visits around noon, Monday through Friday.  She had emailed me directly through the website, so there was no doubt that she had seen our rates yet she still asked what the rate would be for this service because she was “not willing to pay $300 or more a month for this service”.  No problem I thought.  We DO offer a discount to our midday clients who use us three or more visits every single week.  Continue reading

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Help Us Get Recognized As The Best Pet Sitters In Rensselaer County

angie's list logo

Do you have an Angie’s List account?  We would love it if you’d be so kind as to leave us a review by October 31, 2014.  By doing so, you’ll put us in the running to win the Angie’s List Super Service Award.  Please help get us recognized as the best pet sitting service in Rensselaer County. Continue reading

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The True Cost Of Cheap Pet Sitting


Maeghan arrived at a dog sit this morning for my next door neighbor to find a bulldog sitting on their front porch.  It did not belong to the client whose dogs she was visiting and it didn’t have any tags on so she texted me.  I thought for a few minutes who this dog could belong to.  I know most of the dogs in our neighborhood and no one owned a bulldog.  Then it dawned on me that I remembered seeing a bulldog in the yard of someone up the street.  I asked one of their neighbors that I had contact information for if that person had a bulldog.  I was advised no, they didn’t – but they were pet sitting for one.  Yes, you read that correctly.  These people were PET SITTING for this dog! Continue reading

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5 Ways You Can Help Your Pet Sitter Stop The Spread Of Cold And Flu

yawning cat

Fall is officially here.  I hope everyone is enjoying their pumpkin lattes and all things pumpkin!  Fall also means the start of cold and flu season.  Since we are in and out of so many homes throughout our day we wanted to take a moment and make you aware of some ways we try to stop the spread of cold and flu and some ways you can assist us in that mission. Continue reading

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How To Use Our Online Scheduling System

login screen

Have you tried using our online scheduling system yet?  You can log in and schedule your own visits! Continue reading

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Pet Fears And Phobias

happy terrier

One of the questions we ask during our initial consultation is whether your pets (usually dogs) have any fears or phobias.  We need to know if there is anything strange that may set them off so we have some advanced warning and a plan in place on how to react if we encounter any of their fear or phobia triggers. Continue reading

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