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Why The Pet Sitter Won’t Leave Your Dog Outside Between Visits On Invisible Fence


The weather is finally beautiful and everyone wants to be outside, including your pets.  We’ve been getting a lot of requests lately for people who want us to leave their dogs outside on an invisible fence between our visits.  Depending on the number of times a client has us coming it could potentially be 12+ hours between visits.  Continue reading

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Happy Birthday To Us! 15 Years Of Pet Care! GIVEAWAY!

golden retrievers with party hats

August 4, 2015 marks our FIFTEENTH year in business!  Wow, did that go by fast or what?  I’m happy to say we are still pet sitting for many of the clients we signed up when we first opened.  We’ve seen so many pets come and go in fifteen years.  It’s heartbreaking to have to say goodbye to some of our longtime friends as they get older and cross over the Rainbow Bridge.  We’ve also seen many other pet sitting services come and go, but we are still going strong! Continue reading

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We’ve Been Pet Sitting/Dog Walking For 15 Years, So Why Are We Sad?


sheltiePurrfect Pet Sitting is about to celebrate it’s 15th year of business.  When I first started this business I was a sole proprietor, doing everything myself.  I never imagined that fifteen years later that 1) I’d still be doing this and 2) I’d have an incredible team of employees! Continue reading

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Dog Parks Around Albany, NY

yellow lab

Does your dog have a lot of energy and you don’t have a big yard to let them out to burn it off?  Or maybe they just like the company of other dogs?  Well, we’ve compiled a list of the dog parks within the Capital District.  Continue reading

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Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Jobs Available In The Capital District

help wanted pet sitting

Pet sitting can be an awesome job!  Read all about it here.  In my most recent quest for finding employees I noticed something.  Not only was Purrfect Pet Sitting looking for employees but so are several other services throughout the Capital District. Continue reading

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What If You Need Same Day Pet Sitting Services?

bulldog with his paw up

Most of our clients book very far in advance as they schedule their pet sitting services when they schedule their vacations however what would happen if you had an emergency?  Would your pet sitter be available on a moment’s notice?  You know, when life happens and you get an emergency phone call?  Continue reading

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Will You Meet The Person Doing The Pet Sitting Visits?

hound puppy

One question that I’m asked consistently is whether the client will be able to meet the person who will be performing the pet sitting (or dog walking) visits.  Continue reading

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What Happens If Your Pet Sitter Has An Emergency?

car stuck in snow

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”

The above is creed of the United States Postal Service but it may as well be for pet sitters and dog walkers as well.  We have a job to do and no matter what the weather, we will be there.  We have living, breathing creatures depending on us! Continue reading

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Will Your Pet Sitter/Dog Walker Do Convalescent Or Hospice Care?


I recently receive a call from someone whose dog was having herniated back surgery (notice the Frankenstein like scar on his back).  They were looking for someone to come in midday while they were at work to help get the dog outside to relieve himself.  She asked if this was something we could help them with and actually seemed surprised when I said absolutely, we’ll come and meet with you to see what the setup is before we commit. Continue reading

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Will Your Dog Walker Still Come During A Snow Storm?

Bernese Mountain Dog in Snow

We have a lot of dogs we visit on a daily basis while their human guardians are at work.  We previously discussed whether we’d still pet sit during a blizzard.  We seem to be getting nailed pretty regularly this winter with some heavy snows.  During these storms the majority of our daily dog walking clients decide to work from home or use a vacation day and they notify us that we don’t have to come to walk the dogs and we are incredibly grateful. Continue reading

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