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What Happens If My Pet Dies On The Pet Sitter While I’m On Vacation?

jack russell sitting on dog

Whenever we go away we cringe at the thought of what would happen if one of our pets passed away while under the care of their pet sitter.  It’s a reality we have to face.  Our Jack Russell, Zach is 17 and in failing health as is my oldest cat Louis.  We went away in February but seriously considering not going because we were worried about our pets. Continue reading

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How Legal Fireworks In NYS Will Affect Your Pet Sitter

pet sitting fireworks

In November 2015, Governor Cuomo signed into law a bill allowing novelty items (sparklers, party poppers, cone fountains, etc.) to be sold during specific time periods in New York State.  These items will be available in retail stores from June 1st through July 5th and December 26th through January 2nd. Continue reading

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Will The Pet Sitter Clean Up If Your Pet Makes A Mess?

tipped over litterbox

Pets aren’t quite as bad as kids at making messes, but there are times that it happens.  Should you worry about coming home to a mess that your pet has made while you are away? Continue reading

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Dog Walking Versus Doggie Day Care

Many dog owners are faced with the decision of what they should do with their dog while they are at work.  If they can’t get home at lunchtime to let the dog out themself they may consider hiring a professional pet sitter to provide dog walking services or they could bring their dog to a doggie day care.  Both are excellent options and each have their own benefits.

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15 Reasons We Won’t Do Every Other Day Cat Sitting Visits

Smart cat with glasses on

Every once in a while we get an inquiry from someone who wants us to come to check on their cats every other day or every third day.  I explain to them that for their safety and our sanity our policy is all cats must be seen once every 24 hours and dogs must be seen every 12 hours.  Some people think we’re just trying to gouge them for more money.  They don’t understand our policy and claim that their cats are “self sufficient” and will do fine seeing someone for 20 minutes every 3 days.   Once we explain our reasons we’ve had people change their mind and have us come twice a day instead.

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The kids are back in school, who will let the dog out? WE WILL!

upside down dog rolling in grassAh September, sweet September.  School will be back in session soon, the kids will be out of your hair, the house will be quiet.  Are you ready?  Don’t forget about poor Fido though!  The kids won’t be home to let him out at lunchtime!  Don’t despair!  We can help!

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