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How Many Litter Boxes Should You Have?

One of the most common complaints we hear from clients is that their cat(s) won’t use the litter box.  Our first question to them is how many litter boxes do you have?  Increasing the number of boxes really can make a difference in your pets behavior and possibly bring peace back to your kingdom. Continue reading

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The Scoop on Scoopers

ridiculous litter scoop

This, ladies and gentlemen, is NOT an appropriate tool for scooping your cat’s litterbox yet we see this quite frequently.  This always perplexes me as your standard issue, plastic, el-cheapo litter scoop is readily available at any dollar store.  The same litter scoop is also available at every major supermarket although it’ll run you more than a buck.  That being said, we run across all kinds of tools being used as litter scoops.  There are the slotted spoons; they are ok – they are metal so they stand up to tough scoops.  There are the flat, slotted spatulas; they are a little less than ok, but we can work around it.  There are also some people that scoop their litter with a large spoon.  As in, a spoon with no slots in it!  That one I just don’t get.  It takes forever and you end up throwing away more than you need to.

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