Product Review – CleverCat Innovations Top Entry Litter Box

litterboxIf you share your home with both dogs and cats, chances are you’ve dealt with your dog snacking in the litterbox.  Gross, yes?  If you have a dog with pancreatitis you know that fatty foods (and snacks) are verboten.

Our 14 year old Jack Russell was recently diagnosed with pancreatitis and despite our best efforts controlling his food intake he kept having recurrences.  Then it hit me.  It was the cat poop that he was snacking on that was causing the issue.  I tried putting the litter box up and out of reach of the dog.  That didn’t work.  The cats didn’t like the new location.  So, I did some research and came upon the CleverCat Innovations Top Entry Litter Box.  It looked like the solution to our problem.

I ordered from as that was the least expensive place I could find it ($35.99 with free shipping).  It arrived in a couple of days and I eagerly set it up.  The directions say to leave the top off for a few days in order for the cats to get used to it.  The cats weren’t sure at first, since it took some effort to jump up and over the edge to get in, but to my delight they did use it.  After a week, I put the top on with the hole closest to the wall.  I think the cats actually laughed at me.  They won’t use it with the top on.  They will use it with the top off and since the sides are so high our dogs can’t get in it, so it works for us, however if you have a larger breed dog it probably wouldn’t keep them out without the top on.

While I think this is a great concept, I think you can achieve the same results much less expensively.  Go to the store and buy a plastic storage bin and use that instead.  You can even cut a round hole in the top to match the CleverCat box but I’d be surprised if your cats used it with the top on.

Would I recommend this product?  Probably not.

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