Your Dog Walker Wants To Know How Secure Is Your Fence?

propped up fence


I’m often surprised by the condition of some fences that we encounter.  I’ve seen holes wide enough for a water buffalo to go through or fences so flimsy a good strong wind would knock them over yet some people still insist that it’s ok to let their dog into the yard without a leash on.  “He won’t go anywhere” they say.  Yeah, right.  Your dog may listen to you and not go through that hole in the fence when you’re home but they may act completely different when the pet sitter is there.  Sometimes I think we have the word “sucker” tattooed on our foreheads visible only to dogs.  If they see an opportunity they are going to take it!

The fence pictured above may keep a small dog contained, but a large dog could easily tip over the panels and escape to sweet freedom.

We would much rather spend quality time with your dog rather than chase them around the neighborhood because they escaped from an inadequate fence. Please do us a favor and make sure your fence is secure before you go on vacation.  If it’s not, please warn us.  If there is a particular area of the fence that your dog repeatedly escapes from (or tries) tell us.

Now that you’re done reading this – go out and check your fence!

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