You Want Me To Do What?! Second Edition Of Strange Pet Sitting Requests

Image3If you’ve been following our blog for any length of time you have probably read the first edition of “You Want Me To Do What?!”.  It was such a hit that it’s back by popular demand.  Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up!


  • I received a call from a woman who wanted me to pet sit for someone else’s cats that she was pet sitting for herself and she had boarded.  She had to pick them up at a certain time and had 2 days she wanted someone else to watch them for her.  I had to explain that I was sorry, but I couldn’t pet sit for cats that weren’t even hers!
  • Client asked pet sitter to scratch off lottery tickets for them.
  • Client asked pet sitter to help put their socks on for them.
  • Client asked pet sitter to take her dogs in the their car (client’s car) to Dunkin’ Donuts to get client an iced coffee because it was raining and the dogs didn’t want to walk in the rain.
  • Client feeds pets a raw diet and pet sitter had to measure and assemble meals that consisted of about 6 different potions, meats and supplements.
  • Client requested that any food related trash (wrappers, cans, etc.) be put in the freezer.  They didn’t want ANYTHING put in the trash can.  The entire freezer was full of trash.
  • During initial interview client retrieved a bowl and a spoon and proceeded to show us the proper way to scrape a bowl to call the cats.
  • Client requested that litterboxes be emptied and washed DAILY.
  • Client insisted on us leaving her door wide open the entire time she was gone.  Yes, WIDE OPEN!  When we expressed concern about other animals coming in and eating the food she dismissed it.  Client came home and was angry with us that something else had obviously come in and eaten the food!  (as a side note, we will NEVER honor a request as ridiculous as this again)
  • We were instructed to leave the tv on for a cat.  Client claimed cat liked to watch Law & Order.  But it had to be Law & Order Criminal Intent NOT Special Victim’s Unit.
  • Unfriendly cat required a daily dose of liquid medication.  Cat would not come near pet sitter.  Had to crawl under the bed and wait for the cat to hiss and then point and shoot the meds into its mouth.
  • Client requested we water their potted plants every day.  We lost count at 100 pots!  It took longer to water the plants than it did to take care of the pets.
  • Client advised us dog may be difficult to get back into his crate.  If that happens we were told to spray some whipped cream into the back of the crate and hope he takes the bait to go back in.

As you can see, we get a lot of strange requests!  Don’t be embarassed to ask your pet sitter to do something for you!  We want your pets routine to be as close to what it would be if you were home.

Unfortunately, some requests we just cannot honor due to liability reasons – like leaving the door wide open and driving your dogs in your car to Dunkin’ Donuts.




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