You Feed A Raw Diet? No Problem!

raw chicken for dogs

During our initial consultation to sign up a new client we always go over feeding details.  What you feed, where it’s located, how much you feed and how often.  We also ask about any allergies your pet may have to food.  I’m often surprised at the number of people who are hesitant about telling us they feed a raw diet.  They are afraid we’ll be grossed out by it or think it’s unsafe and we won’t want to do it.

I can assure you, this is not the case.

We want to keep your pet as close to their normal routine as possible.  That is the beauty of in your home pet care.  With the exception of you not physically being there, we try to keep everything else as routine as possible for your pet.  We will gladly feed a raw diet if that’s your wish.

I love when people feed their pets a raw diet.  It shows they really care.  In comparison to some of the other options out there raw diets can sometimes be much better for them and much closer to what their diet would be in the wild.  I cannot tell you how many times I cringe when I ask what brand someone feeds their dog and I am told Beneful.  We can usually tell before we even ask because the dog’s coat is dull and greasy, they shed an excessive amount and they stink to high heaven!  Compared to pets who are fed a high quality food; either processed or raw, whose coats are usually clean and shiny and they don’t stink.

We’ve also honored requests of cooking for pets before as well.  We’ve had to make buttered toast for birds and cook scrambled eggs for dogs.

When hiring a pet sitter don’t think you need to change your pets routine while you’re gone.  What you may think is a strange request is usually old hat for us.

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