Why Your Pet Sitter Doesn’t Want You To Leave Your Windows Open

Summer is finally here and the weather is beautiful!  With the beautiful weather comes the opportunity to keep your windows open.  Being pet sitters, we worry about this for a variety of reasons.

Why would your pet sitter not want you to leave your windows open while you are away?

  • First and foremost it’s a security risk.  If you don’t have windows that have a mechanism to lock them in place and prevent them from being opened far enough that someone can crawl through them it’s an open invitation for burglars, especially when the windows are on the first floor.
  • Weather.  If it rains when you’re windows are open you run a risk of things being ruined.
  • Your pets may escape.  My own cats have managed to pop open the screens so if your windows are open far enough they could potentially escape.
  • Bugs.  Some people leave windows open without a screen.  This is a bug magnet.  Your entire house could be filled with creepy crawlies by the time you return.

We want to keep both your pets and your home safe when you are away.  We take our jobs very seriously.  Please help us make our jobs easier by keeping your windows closed when you’re away.





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