Why Your Pet Sitter Won’t “Job Share”

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In a previous blog we discussed Why We Want To Be Your Pets Sole Caretaker but this past week we received a request for a job share and we were berated when we turned the potential client down.

As stated in the previous blog we take each request on a case by case basis and explained some of the potentially fatal disasters that could happen.

We have started to shy away from accepting job sharing arrangements at all due to liability.

If something happens while someone else is sharing pet care responsibilities it turns into ‘he said, she said’.  Most times the other party is a family member, friend or neighbor and 99% of the time the home owner is going to take their side and not the side of the hired help (aka pet sitter).

We have almost seventeen years of experience behind us which clarifies our decision to not to accept these type of pet sitting arrangements.

Too many things can go wrong.

The one arrangement we usually DO accept is if someone is physically staying at your house but they work full time so you want someone to come let dog out at lunchtime.

We typically will not accept requests for your neighbor coming in the morning and we come in the evening.

The exact quote from the client we turned down last week who wanted this arrangement was “That strikes me as unrealistic, if not downright totalitarian and inhuman.”


We are professionals and we are running a business.  We cannot afford to take any unnecessary risks or liability.  We need to protect our livelihood and the reputation of the business we’ve worked so hard to achieve.

So, if you ask your pet sitter for an arrangement like this and they turn you down please don’t berate them and accuse them of wanting the money for themselves or being “inhuman”.



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