Why We Send Confirmations Of Your Pet Sitting Dates

bluewave pet sitting confirmation email

When you schedule pet sitting or dog walking services with Purrfect Pet Sitting we send out an automated email through our online scheduling system which includes the dates, the time of day (morning, midday, evening, overnight), the price per visit and the grand total including sales tax.  We invested in this scheduling system to make our lives easier and because, unlike the old pen and paper method, it makes mistakes MUCH less likely to occur.

Despite our best efforts though mistakes do still occasionally occur.  We recently had a client scheduled for Sunday through the following Saturday for cat care.  We sent two confirmations; one when the sit was first scheduled and another a few days before the client left.  On the Saturday evening before we were scheduled to start our first visit we received a frantic email from the client asking if we had started yet.  The email they sent was a reply to the confirmation, so it clearly showed the dates we were scheduled and that our first visit wasn’t scheduled until the following day.  The client had apparently made a mistake on the dates and hadn’t caught it.  We, of course, would have made an extra visit had they requested it but instead they were able to have their neighbor go over and feed the cats for them.

The lesson learned here is no matter how hard we try to avoid scheduling errors sometimes they do happen.  PLEASE be sure you compare your confirmation email to your itinerary and look at a calendar to compare dates and be sure everything is correct.  Your pets will thank you!


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