Why Should I Keep My Key On File With The Pet Sitter?

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When using a pet sitting service for the first time it’s understandable that people are hesitant to hand over their keys.  We get that.  We always ask the client if they would like us to keep their key on file for future use.  I would say about 85% of new clients tell us absolutely, keep my key, I plan on using you again!  Every once in a while though people request their key be left on the pet sitter’s last visit.

While we always do what the client requests there are some dangers with leaving the key on the last visit.

What happens if your flight is delayed or you get stuck somewhere?

The pet sitter won’t be able to get back in to care of your pets if they have already done their final visit and left the key on counter, locked inside.

If you know of your delay prior to the pet sitter making their last visit they can easily keep the key and do another visit (or more).

Delays happen all the time.

There are some alternatives:

  • You can have your pet sitter keep the key on file.
  • You can ask to have your key returned after you arrive safely home.  If you choose this option, there will be a charge to make the visit to return your key.
  • You can also call your backup person (friend, neighbor, family, etc.) if they have a key to see if they’d be able to make a last minute visit for you.

Our goal is to give you complete peace of mind while you are away.  Leaving your key on file with the pet sitter helps us complete our goal.

Rest assured all keys kept on file are coded so that if anyone ever got ahold of our keys they would have NO idea what they went to!

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