Why Hiring a Professional Is SO Much Better Than The Kid Next Door

You’ve made your plans to go away, all that’s left is enlisting someone to care for the pets.  The neighborhood kid is fine (and cheap), right?  Think again.  These are a few of the things we have encountered over the years that could have caused potential life threatening and/or catastrophic emergencies.

  • Burners on stove were left on.  We shut them off.
  • Heating system stopped working in the middle of winter.  We notified client and made arrangements for service company to come and repair.
  • Water pipes froze.  We got out our blow dryer and thawed them out, then left water running at a trickle to prevent them from refreezing until client returned home.
  • Cat who normally loves to eat suddenly won’t eat no matter what.  Rushed to the vet to find he had a blockage and needed emergency surgery to remove it.
  • Outside hose was left on (imagine THAT water bill if we hadn’t caught it).
  • Home had been broken into, had to call police and wait for them to arrive.  Indoor only cat had gotten out, took two days to find him.
  • Cat had knocked screen out of a window, leaving the house wide open for escape.  We replaced the screen and closed the window.
  • Coffee pot was left on, with nothing in the carafe and was close to catching fire.  We shut it off and unplugged it.
  • Toilet would not stop running, potential to burn out the water pump.  We removed the lid and lifted the plunger to stop it from running once the tank was full.

Our staff has an acute attention to detail.  WE noticed these things, but would a teenager?  More importantly, would they know what to do?  Is it worth the little bit of money you’d save to take the risk?



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