Why Does My Pet Sitter Require Two Copies Of My Keys?

pet sitter keys

In the past couple of years we have instituted a new policy of requiring TWO working keys when we sign up a new client.  This has been met with some resistance from people.  

WHY do we require TWO keys?

Well, in a nutshell.  Things happen.  We work as a team, so if someone has an emergency their backup can easily step in and continue care without having to contact the you or your emergency contact.  It insures your pets receive seamless care without disruption or any worry to you!

Even if you have a keyless entry, we still require an actual key.  You can read about keyless entry issues here.

One key stays with the primary pet sitter assigned to your pets and the other stays in the office in case of an emergency.

What constitutes an emergency?

In the past, we’ve encountered emergencies such as:

  • Pet sitter was in a car accident
  • Pet sitter had to go to the emergency room
  • Pet sitter had car troubles when they were an hour away from the office

Requiring two keys is just one more sign we are professionals.  We are thinking of the ‘what if’s’ that could happen and we are doing our best to avoid them.



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