What If You Need Same Day Pet Sitting Services?

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Most of our clients book very far in advance as they schedule their pet sitting services when they schedule their vacations however what would happen if you had an emergency?  Would your pet sitter be available on a moment’s notice?  You know, when life happens and you get an emergency phone call? 

I’m surprised lately by the number of same day service requests we’ve been getting.

If you are an existing client, with a key on file, we will consider same day service requests.  If we have room in the schedule and someone is available to do it, we will.  There is always the chance that we can’t though.  Some days the schedule is jam packed and we just can’t squeeze another visit in.  Some days your sitter may be off and their backup is covering their sits and their own and the schedule is full.

We do not charge more for same day service, although some services do.

If you are not an existing client the chances are EXTREMELY slim that we can accommodate same day service.  It would require us coming to meet with you, filling out the paperwork and picking up a key.  We normally require two weeks notice to schedule that consultation, so expecting it within hours of your phone call just isn’t realistic.

I’m sure there are pet sitters out there who can accommodate new clients requiring same day service however our past experience has shown that we rarely ever hear from those clients again.  Our goal is to build long term relationships with our clients.

We want to be your first call, not your last resort!



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