What Happens To My Key?

pet sitting key fileYou’ve hired Purrfect Pet Sitting as your dog walker or to come visit your pets while you’re on vacation, so what exactly happens to your key when we keep it on file?

First and foremost, your key is NEVER identifiable to anyone but Purrfect Pet Sitting staff.  Your key is numbered and coded and the master list is accessible only by PPS personnel, with a password.  When not in use, your keys are stored in a locking key cabinet.

We realize that people are very hesitant to hand over their keys to a virtual stranger and we understand if, after the first time you use our services, you want your key back.  Usually by the second time most people tell us just to keep their key on file.

You can rest assured that if anyone ever broke in and stole our keys there is NO WAY they could identify who they belonged to!

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