What Happens If My Pet Dies On The Pet Sitter While I’m On Vacation?

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Whenever we go away we cringe at the thought of what would happen if one of our pets passed away while under the care of their pet sitter.  It’s a reality we have to face.  Our Jack Russell, Zach is 17 and in failing health as is my oldest cat Louis.  We went away in February but seriously considering not going because we were worried about our pets.

When we sign up a new client we fill out a contract with all of their pertinent information.  How to get a hold of you in case of emergency, a second emergency contact, etc.  But there is one question I absolutely HATE asking.  It is:

In the even of your pet’s death during your absence what arrangements should be made?

It’s a terrible thought to even consider, but what would happen if your pet passed away while you were on vacation?

The spectrum of responses I’ve gotten to that question have been interesting.

I’ve had people:

  • Start to cry.
  • Tell me they’ve already dug a hole in the back yard; just put them in and cover them up.
  • Tell me to just put them in the freezer.

The most common answer we receive is to take them to the vet and have them held until you get home.

We’ve been in business almost 16 years now.  I wish it could say it has never happened to us, but it has.  Statistically it is bound to happen based on the number of pets we see each year.  It is the worst feeling in the world having to call someone and tell them that their pet has passed away.  In some cases (like ours would have been) it’s understandable and not a shock but in others it was completely unexpected and without warning.

What would you want done if it were your pet?



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  1. Carla Allen says:

    Thank you for this post. I recently started a pet sitting business and had a clients pet pass away a kitten. I did my very best for this little one. She died at the vets office. 24 hours later. I am heart broken over the loss over many factors. Mostly for my client.

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