We’ve Been Pet Sitting/Dog Walking For 15 Years, So Why Are We Sad?


sheltiePurrfect Pet Sitting is about to celebrate it’s 15th year of business.  When I first started this business I was a sole proprietor, doing everything myself.  I never imagined that fifteen years later that 1) I’d still be doing this and 2) I’d have an incredible team of employees!

So, why is it that after fifteen years of pet sitting and dog walking am I sad?  Well, because many of the pets that were just puppies and kittens when I first started are now starting to make their voyage over the Rainbow Bridge.  We have gotten very attached to many of them after taking care of them for so long and it’s heartbreaking for us.

This is all part of our job.  We know that going in.  But it doesn’t make it any easier when we receive word that one of our favorites has passed away.  I guess that just proves we’ve chosen the right career path.




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