We Do Chicken Sitting Too!

golden laced wyandotte chicken

Backyard chickens are becoming more and more popular.  I myself have a small flock and always worry about them when we go away.  My girls are pastured when we are home (meaning they free-range) but I am not sure they would come in at the evening visit for someone other than myself.  Sure, they’d come in at dusk on their own, but I bring my girls in a few hours before that because we have a high population of coyotes and I don’t want my girls out anywhere near prime predator hour.  Therefore, I leave my chickens in their (very large) coop when we are away and make sure I am stocked up on leafy greens, fruit and/or seed for their pet sitter to supplement their grain each day.

We’d be happy to care for your flock while you’re away.  We aren’t limited to just dogs and cats (and birds and fish and guinea pigs….and…and….).

chickens following woman

Our rates for chicken sitting are the same as dog and cat sitting.  Our rates are based on time, not by the pet.  We can visit one or two times per day depending on whether you want us to let your chickens outside during the day and usher them back in at night or if they just need one visit per day.  We will make sure they have fresh water, fresh food and we will do any light coop maintenance.  We will also collect eggs each day for you.







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  1. Lori Bluemel says:

    Where are you located?

  2. julia says:

    i am thinking about getting quail, do you think you would be able to watch them for me

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