Trusting Your Pet Sitter

Handing your keys over to a virtual stranger is nervewracking.  You are leaving behind two things that mean the most to you; your home and your pets.  We do our best to alleviate your stress and make things go as smoothly as possible.  We encourage people to check our references to ease their mind.  Despite our best efforts some people are understandably overly nervous, especially the first time their utilize our services.  We understand that and will honor requests from first timers to call them from their home phone during a visit to prove we are actually at their house, or send text updates or even photos of their pets.  The second time they use the service they usually aren’t as nervous and, at some point, we hope that you trust your pet sitter as implicitly as this client does:


blank check and credit card


This actually happens more often than you would think.  It makes me proud to know that people trust us enough not only to leave a literal blank check, but their credit card as well – just in case we ever needed to rush their pet to the vet and needed a credit card to pay for it.

So tell me, do you trust YOUR pet sitter enough to leave them a blank check and your Platinum card?  If not, contact us.  We’d be happy to assist you with your pet care and make your next vacation stress free!





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