This Is Why Your Pet Sitter Keeps Their Service Area Small

Snowmageddon 2017

We survived Snomageddon 2017.  We ended up getting two feet at our house in East Greenbush.  The roads were really bad and getting to pet sits was a real challenge for us.

Almost all of our midday dog walking clients canceled.  Thankfully we only had a few people who were away on vacation and they were all cats, so we were able to go a little earlier or later based on the road conditions.

We did have one however that could have been a problem.

We keep our employees within a five mile radius of their homes.  Every once in a while if we add a new team member we may switch the primary sitter to the one that lives the closest.  For this particular visit we had just changed the sitter to someone who lived really close and we are SO glad we did!

The sitter WALKED to her cat dinner visit.

As you can see from the photo, there is no way any of us could have gotten there by driving.  By 5pm we had almost two feet of snow on the ground, with strong winds causing some really deep drifts.  There is a road in that photo….somewhere!

By keeping our service area small we can overcome the weather obstacles that are thrown at us!  We are proud to say we didn’t miss any visits due to Snowmageddon ’17.



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