The Challenges Of Pet Sitting With Well Intentioned Neighbors


I recently received a frantic call from a client who was using our service for the first time.  She was frantic because her neighbor had called her a few times to tell her that no one had been at her house to take care of her pets.  The client was obviously concerned; as would be expected.  The only thing is – we HAD been there!  The first visit occurred the day of Snowmageddon.  Our visit was made before it started snowing heavy so when the well intentioned neighbor looked there were no tracks in the snow which made her think no one had been there.  The next day we attempted a visit and the road was impassible due to the 18+ inches of snow we had received so we decided to attempt the visit again in a couple of hours after the plows could do their job.  These particular visits were for a cat and a bunny so the time was more flexible than it would be had it been a dog or a pet that needed medication.

We really don’t mind having people ‘watch’ us.  It happens all the time.  It can be a little disconcerting knowing someone is watching our every move but we have nothing to hide.  Usually the reports back to the client confirm that we have done our job as contracted.  We  would like to point out that in 14 years of pet sitting we have never missed a visit due to weather.  Snowmageddon may have slowed us down, but we got there!

Do you have your neighbors watch your house when you’re gone?


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