The #1 Sure Fire Way NOT To Get A Job With Purrfect Pet Sitting

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I’ve heard people compare hiring employees to dating.  On the first date (interview) they are on their best behavior and say everything you want to hear.  Over the years I’ve learned how to read between the lines and am usually pretty good at judging whether someone would be a good fit for our team or not.

Before we even get to the interview phase we make people jump through a few hoops.

We do this for a few reasons.

  • It proves they really want the job
  • It shows they know how to follow instructions
  • It shows they are good communicators

All of our ads clearly state how to apply and what is required for the job (must live within our service area, have a driver’s license, etc.).  All of our ads also clearly state “No Phone Calls Please”.

What is the number one way NOT to get a job with us?

Call me to inquire about the job.

I recently had someone who called and left a voicemail message.  Since it clearly states NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE in every ad we put out this person has already displayed to me that they can’t follow instructions.  Therefore, I did not call them back.

But it gets worse.

Not only did they call me and leave me a voicemail.  They have continued to call me THREE TIMES A DAY, EVERY DAY for the past three weeks!  I finally had to block their number.  I have NEVER had to do that before!

Are you kidding me??

There is no way I would hire this person!

I’m sure I’m not the only employer that goes through this.  If you want a job, first and foremost FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS!

I’m so glad I’ve finally gotten the interview process down and by utilizing some very easy ‘tests’ we can weed out the undesirables and only hire the cream of the crop!

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