Strange Pet Sitting Phone Calls

black cat

When I first started pet sitting my friends thought it was fun to call and leave messages for me pretending to be a potential client.  “Yeah, I have a pet hippo, how much would you charge to watch it?”  The first couple of times it was funny but it got old and they finally stopped leaving me messages.

Over the years however I have gotten a lot of strange calls from people who were actually serious.

These are just a few:

  • Woman owned a cat who got skunked.  She wanted me to come bathe the cat for her.  I referred her to my list of mobile groomers.
  • Woman stated her dog needed their rabies vaccinations and she wanted me to go to her house and give them their vaccinations.  I referred her to my list of mobile veterinarians.
  • Man wanted to schedule pet sitting services but he didn’t know when he would need someone.  He wanted to meet us to discuss the dates/times that he didn’t know about yet.  I advised him to call me back once he had solid plans in place.  I’m not surprised that he never called back.
  • Drunk person called about a job and left a very long, rambling message.  No help for that one.
  • Someone wanted my help finding a 14 year old incontinent bichon (who they have had for 13 years ) a home.  Seriously?  What is wrong with people?

I make it a point to always call people back regardless of whether I can actually help them or not.  You just never know when someone might need a pet sitter or have a friend or family member that needs a sitter and maybe, just maybe they’ll remember me calling them even when I could have just as easily blown them off.





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