Some Of The Most Ridiculous Pet Sitting Ads I’ve Seen

Over the years I’ve seen many pet sitting services come and go.  The majority of people don’t really research the business before jumping into it.  They think it will be easy.  They think working for themselves will be fun.  In my experience most new pet sitters are reconsidering their decision before their first anniversary.  The burnout rate is very high as pet sitters work mornings, nights, weekends and holidays.  It really is a lifestyle more than a job.  I have to giggle when I read some of the ads I see for pet sitters.  I often wonder if anyone ever really contacts them because their ads are just so ridiculous.  Here are just a sampling of what I have seen:

“Animal Care (Pet Walker, Feeder) (Within 20 minute range) – Animals have always been a really big love of mine.  I would love to walk your pet if you can’t! I am trying to get a new car before winter and any extra money can help. Please text or email”
So, this person doesn’t have a reliable vehicle, but yet they are willing to drive 20 minutes one way to care for someone’s pets?  What happens once they earn enough to buy the new car?  Will they bail on you?
“Dog walking/pet sitting – I will walk your dog once a day for $5.00.  I also will dog sit at your home or mine; prices vary.  Free services for new clients.  Insured.  Senior discounts.”
Seriously?  How can we compete with “free services”?  I highly doubt this person is insured at $5 per visit.  How much are they really making after they pay for gas to get there?
“Are you tired of paying top dollar for someone to watch your pet? Well guess what…. with me you won’t ever have to do that again! ONLY $15 A DAY! My name is Marissa and I want to watch your pet. I have experience with all types of animals from dogs to cats to fish to birds to hamsters to even more! I have had all of those listed. I am 15 and a HUGE ANIMAL LOVER! I want to be a vet! TONS OF REFERENCES AVAILABLE!”
At 15 how exactly is Marissa going to get to your house?  How would she get your pet to the vet in an emergency?  How many references could a 15 year old possibly have?
“Grad student looking for pets to walk/pet-sit – My rates are $10/hour for pet-walking and rates for pet-sitting are negotiable. I do not own a vehicle but I have a clean driving record so if you need me to transport your animal and you have a vehicle ready, I can do that. Since I rely on public transportation, clients will preferably be in the Albany area. I will try my best to accommodate clients who are outside the Albany area by either renting a vehicle or borrowing my partner’s car.
**My availability (in general) is as follows:** Mondays: Free all day,  Tuesdays: Free after 11:30AM, Wednesdays: Free all day, Thursdays: Free after 3PM, Fridays: Free after 2:30PM, Weekends: Availability is variable”
Again, no vehicle and the hours?  I would LOVE to have hours like that!  What about the dogs that need to go out at 6am or the cat who needs insulin at 7am?

We are proud to have provided pet sitting and dog walking services to our clients for the past thirteen years.  We are definitely more expensive than the options listed above but we will be there when we say we will be there and we will be there the next time you need us as well.  We are available 365 days per year!  The peace of mind that provides is priceless.

So tell us please.  Would you ever contact someone listed in one of these ads?  Have you?  If so, what level of service did they provide?

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