Pet Sitter Product Review: SSSCAT Cat Training Aid

SSSCAT boxI’m sure you know what it’s like living with cats.  You don’t need to set an alarm because cats have some cosmic way of knowing EXACTLY what time they should be fed down to the nanosecond.  Our cats are no exception.  They sleep in my office at night otherwise they bounce off the walls and keep us awake.  This works out great except for the rare days I can actually sleep in.  If I don’t get up at EXACTLY 5:02am to feed them their breakfast they start scratching on the door.  Some mornings they start as early at 4:30am!  I couldn’t take it anymore.  I needed sleep.

I looked in vain for a solution.  I considered trying double sided tape on the door, but then it would get all dirty and when it was time to take it off it would peel a layer of wood off the trim.  That option was out.  I finally found a product on Amazon that I decided to try.  It’s called SSSCAT Cat Training Aid.  Basically, it’s a can of compressed air with a motion sensor on it.

bottle of ssscatWhen it arrived it took me a few minutes to figure out how to attach the top motion sensor to the can of compressed air.  Once I got it attached, it was good to go.  I put the cats in the office for the night and set the can just inside the door so when anyone came near the door it would spray.  My husband and I laid in bed with tears rolling down our face because we were laughing so hard.  The first time anyone came close and got sprayed they jumped about ten feet.  They were NOT happy with this new arrangement.  I’m thrilled to report however that IT WORKED!  I was able to sleep an hour longer than usual the following morning.  When I first opened the door they were afraid to come out!

motion sensor on ssscatWe have been using this for several weeks now and it works great.  Some nights I don’t even turn the motion sensor on (it has an on/off switch).  I just place the can near the door and the cats won’t go near it.

There are many uses for this training aid.  It can help with cats that get on the counter, scratch the furniture, etc.

Would I recommend it?  Absolutely!

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