Please Have Your Driveway Plowed For Your Pet Sitter

Unplowed driveway

This is the result of two snow storms in the same week in 2003 that dumped two feet of snow with each storm.   This is also the result of a client who, despite many pleas, refused to have their driveway plowed so their pet sitter could easily get in to care for their pets.  You may not be able to easily tell from the photo, but the berm at the end of the driveway created by the snowplow was well over four feet high!

We understand that a lot of you are DIYer’s who clear your own driveway but for the safety of your pet sitter and your pets, we kindly ask that you make arrangements before you go away to have your driveway cleared in the event of a storm.  We’re not sissies, we can handle a bit of snow; up to about three inches without it being plowed.  Anything more than that makes things very difficult for us.

We simply can’t shovel a path or the driveway of every house we visit.

Homes that are on busy roads make it impossible to park in the road if we can’t get into the driveway.

Just imagine how happy I was having to “body surf” through over four feet of snow every time I had to go into this house for the remainder of the week.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation!

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