Pet Sitter Review: PetSafe Outdoor Bark Control

Ladies and gentleman I’d like to introduce you to the best invention EVER!  As many of you know, we own two Jack Russells.  Zach is almost 15 and Parker is 2.  They get along great and are good (albeit crazy) dogs.  Unfortunately, they started marking the house so we have no choice but to crate them at night.  Zach has been showing signs of some dementia which flares its ugly head every night when it’s time for bed.  The very moment that crate door closes he goes crazy.  We endured many nights that got progressively worse.  He whines, cries, barks and howls which in turn gets Parker going.  This went on All.  Night.  Long.  For about a week.  We had finally had enough.  We needed sleep.

two jack russells

We called our vet, Dr. Chris Rocchio, of East Greenbush Animal Hospital.  He concurred with our preliminary guess that it’s a tad of dementia and suggested we try giving Zach Benadryl an hour before going to bed.  We did and it helped, but it didn’t solve the problem and we hated the thought of having to basically knock him out by drugging him each night.  Dr. Rocchio also told us about the PetSafe electronic bark control deterrent system.  He told us he had one we could borrow to see if it worked.

petsafe outdoor bark control

I may exaggerate slightly when I say this little plastic box saved our marriage!   Within minutes of putting the dogs in their crates there was silence.  SILENCE!  We actually made it through a night with no whining and barking.  It was GLORIOUS!  A full night’s sleep was welcomed!

There is a microphone which picks up on the dogs sounds and once they reach a certain level the machine emits an ultrasonic sound which is only heard by the dogs.  There are 4 settings for sensitivity.  It is designed mainly for outdoor use and is waterproof, but it works wonderfully inside the home also.  It has a range of up to 50 feet.

I had no idea such a product existed and am so incredibly glad it was suggested to us.  I’m sure there are countless other people out there that would benefit from using this product.  Do your neighbors dogs bark incessantly outside?  Hang this in a tree near the property line and it may just solve your problem!

Would I recommend it?  Absolutely!  It has been a lifesaver for us!  We bought ours from

Please share if you know someone who would benefit from this product!

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