Pet Peeves Of Your Pet Sitter

Pet Peeves Of Your Pet Sitter

Every job has pet peeves.  Pet sitting and dog walking are no different.  We are in a lot of houses every single day so it’s normal that we find things that, if they were different, would make our jobs a lot easier.

So what are your pet sitter’s pet peeves?

Cheap Paper Towels

There is nothing worse than cleaning up a nasty accident of diarrhea and having your fingers break through the cheap paper towels.  Eeeeeeewww!!!!

Litter Box Liners

These never made sense to me.  The cats always scratch and claw them up so when you try to remove them they just leak litter everywhere.  What is the purpose of them?

Unusual Litter Scoops

We’ve seen it all.  From no scoop at all, to my personal favorite a garden trowel.  We’ve been provided with slotted spoons and spatulas.  Do yourself and your pet sitter a favor and buy a good scoop!

Stinky Sponges

You know the kind….the ones that you can smell the moment you walk into someone’s kitchen.  If you even attempt to use that sponge your hands end up smelling like that and you cannot get the smell off!  Yuck!

Dirty Dishes

If you’re going away for more than a few days please don’t leave a sink full of dirty dishes or leftover food on the counters to rot and stink while you’re gone!  It draws bugs and just stinks!

Can Openers That Require a Ph.D. To Operate

It doesn’t happen often, but every once in a while we run into a can opener that we just cannot figure out even after searching You Tube videos!  Last time it happened the sitter went to the grocery store and bought a ‘low tech’ one.

These are not in any way complaints or reasons we wouldn’t service a client.  They are just our observations after years of pet sitting.  We hope you can find humor in our frustration!  What are the pet peeves of YOUR job?


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